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Hello ConFab people!

I heard that the Tumblr corporate overlords are up to shenanigans (not the good kind) and that several folks are coming to DW as an alternative.

Seeing so much activity on DW over the past few days made me think of my fannish friends from ConFab and I began wondering if you were thinking of using DW, too. If so, please join in this post to connect with other ConFab attendees. Past, present, and future attendees are welcome!

Simply cut & paste the form in the text box below into a new comment to this post, add/remove whatever you'd like. Then scan through other replies and see who you recognize (or perhaps meet someone entirely new!). :)

FYI - I've copied some of this meme format from a very active one that's going on over here on snickfic's journal, if you're looking to expand your DW reading list (think of LJ's "flist") you may want to check it out!
For those of you new to DW, or maybe you haven't used it in a while, here's another post full of useful info for people migrating from Tumblr.

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Alright we are so super close to con! It’s only 2 weeks away! So if you’re a big bad procrastinator this is crunch time! Go to: to register for a whole weekend pass, a 2 day pass, or a one day pass.

Also if you can’t make it use that same link to either buy a supporting membership or donate to the con! We can’t wait to see you guys!


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