May. 30th, 2018

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Hello fellow fanpersons, your Programming Team here with some announcements!

Programming submission time is here! We will be running submissions starting on Friday, June 1st and closing on Sunday, July 15th. We will be accepting submissions for any of our three tracks of programming: one track of panels, one of group discussions, and one of workshops. After the submission period ends, programming will be voted on and chosen by you, the attendees.

Here's a handy guide to the types of programming we have to get you started:
  • Panels — Programming about a topic that applies to multiple fandoms (AUs, tropes, kink, horror TV, the representation of women in canon, etc.) or a more general fandom universe that has multiple smaller fandoms that fall under its umbrella (Comics, Sports RPF, Video Games, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The CW's DC verse, etc.). Panels run for one hour, and can have up to 4 panelists, including a moderator, whose job is to keep discussion moving, and ensure that the panel stays within established time limits. If you don't want to mod your own panel, we can find someone to help you.
  • Group Discussions — Programming about a single fandom (Yuri on Ice, Check Please!, Critical Role, Overwatch, Stranger Things, D&D, etc.), or a niche topic within fandom. Group Discussions can be run by one person, but can have up to 2 panelists. They run for one hour and are in a round table format.
  • Workshops — Programming where attendees get a chance to learn something new or hone their skills. Workshop topics could include things like live beta reading, art tips and tricks, or making fannish plushies. If you submit a proposal for a workshop, you must be willing to run it. Workshop sessions run for one hour, but you may offer more than one session of your workshop across multiple days, or request a single day session of longer than one hour (in one hour blocks, only).

We look forward to hearing your amazing ideas for programming! Help make CONfab an awesome experience! We will be accepting submissions for all types of programming from everyone, whether you have registered for the con yet or not. This is your chance to get the programming you want by submitting your ideas. What are you excited about? Share it with the group!

Comment on this post with your programming ideas and questions. Find friends and strangers to help you out, and get ready to submit your proposals starting on June 1st! A new post will go up with submission instructions and a link to the submission form on Friday, June 1st.

The comments on this post will be open throughout the submission period, so feel free to use it as a resource and a sounding board for new ideas that you want a second opinion on before submitting. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or email the Programming team at


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